Your company has a 2 day conference in Tulsa (or New Orleans, or Chicago, or Maui!). The hotel says, "We have an in-house AV provider. Just use them!" DON'T TAKE THE BAIT!! Hotel providers operate mini monopolies at each property, and in return you receive: aged equipment, inexperienced engineers, stale program ideas, and no flexibility. Also, and here's the fun part, it's wildly overpriced. Prime-Systems can fix all that. With our vast inventory and 30+ years of experience and contacts, we can provide a comparable budget solution and much more state of the art/custom production for your clientele. Set our team in motion and receive: 

  • A brainstorm session with your team 
  • Professional 3D CADS of everything (down to the inch) 
  • Budget review 
  • Site visit 
  • Rigging, internet, and power negotiation with the venue 
  • Media/content creation 
  • Logistics management to venue 
  • Set design 
  • Full on site production (all aspects) 
  • Post production services 

Any destination, any time. Trust Prime-Systems.